Why I dislike Microsoft Windows

Ah yes, Microsoft Windows, what most people I assume would consider the default choice for operating systems. Good enough for playing games and watching youtube, true but also really good at installing software in the background that you never asked for. Not to mention spying on you, and hiding your privacy settings behind some horribly designed ui. Even if you dsiable all the tracking in the settings anyway, that doesn't stop the data collection, if you wanted to disable total tracking with such things as keyboard scanning and voice recording. You have to void the connection to over 100 web connections. Which the average dude who just wants to use his computer isn't going to know how to do or care about. But just because people are complacent that doesn't mean that it's right. Another thing that irks me about the Windows Operating system is something as simple as installing software. Which should be a basic tool turns into a nightmare. Why on earth would I ever want to browse to some dodgy website, to download an .exe file that could very well contain a ton of malicious code? When I can use Linux or BSD and have access to an actual repository of software that's A) Open Source so I know it's safe to use. B) Been tested so that I know it works and isn't full of bugs and lastly C.) All wrapped up in a nice container that automatically installs all the dependencies you need for the software to actually run. If you think Linux is too hard. Fine, do yourself a favour though... get a Mac.

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